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Aluminum honeycomb panel sun louver fins
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel sun louver fins
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel sun louver fins
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel sun louver fins

Aluminum honeycomb panel sun louver fins

Detailed description



Based on aluminum honeycomb technologies,Prolouver Sun control fins are exceptionally strong,flat and lightweight.

The Aluminum honeycomb panel can be made in square, tectangular or irregular shape, insert custom made bracket fixing, which can be used for sun control applications. The aluminum honeycomb panel can be vary in thickness, size, shape, which can be curved and folded. It can be fixed vertically or horizontally and can be fixed to a variety of sub-frames.  





Installation for the typical vertical(Or horizontal ) Sun control Fins



Honeycomb core

side length (m m): 12,15,20


Foil thickness:0.08

Model of Aluminum Foil thickness


Aluminum Skins(Pre-coated coil)

Alloy: AA1100 or AA3003,H14(other material on request)

Thickness: 0.7/1.0mm, (other thickness on project request)

Color: RAL color or woodgrain color


Fins Size and Weight

Fin Length: ≤ 6000mm

Width :   ≤ 1500mm

Thickness: 25mm,30mm,50mm,100mm,150mm,200mm

Other Thickness are available on request.





·                     Practical customized system solutions to suit many sun control design

·                     Exterior sunshading

·                     New developments or existing building





·                     High strength-capability of withstanding high wind loads.

·                     High Impact Technology panel are suitable for area exposed to high impact damage

·                     Extremely light

·                     No Thermal-bow in fins by solar radiation due to the aluminum honeycomb construction

·                     Large sun control fin elements

·                     Complete with engineered joint solutions-ensuring strength and weathering integrity in operation.




·                     Quick installation methods with minimum fixings to structure

·                     Inherent strength of honeycomb panels requires a limited number of support

·                     Light-weight sun-shading fins system

·                     Fixing details are customized solutions specific to the project.

·                     The sun control fins can be installed in a multitude of orientations-vertical,horizontal, inclined positions for striking aesthetic effect.

·                     Large sun-shade fins can be created

·                     Clean lines and a slim design






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