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Aluminum peforated facades
  • Aluminum peforated facades
  • Aluminum peforated facades
  • Aluminum peforated facades
  • Aluminum peforated facades

Aluminum peforated facades

PIC-PERF series is PROLOUVER new item. The aluminum panel can be picture perforated,using for screen or wall panel. It can be perforated or non perforated,it can also be different perforated holes match up the picture. We can perforated any design or photos that you can image!
Detailed description

PROLOUVER Anodized/AkzoNobel powder coating/PVDF perforated metal panel used for façade curtain wall,sun screen,handrail,interior decoration, screening


Specificatoin for the pic-perforated panel:

Material: mild steel,stainless steel, aluminum plate,brass plate,nickel plate and various of non material plate.


Other thickness are available on request

Normal size: 1220*2440mm

Maximum size: 1600x7000mm.

Surface treatment: Anodized, powder coated or PVDF spraying,electro plate or simple left to patina.

Shape: the perforated sheet can be customized folded,notches and bespoke sheet panel.

Perforation pattern: rounded perforation,diagonal holes,round perforation straight line holes,square perforation straight line,square perforation staggered,slotted perforated ect.,any size of perforation that you can image.

It can be hollowed according to your sample or CAD drawing. It can also be folded, curved according to request.



Picture perforation metal panel allows any image to be stunningly recreated in perforated metal panel. It can add durable image based facades to new and existing structures, providing a unique, metallic texture. Create eye-catching super-imposed signage, corporate logos, special features – even use picture perforation as aesthetic basis of your entire design concept.


Picture perforation can be manufactured to any size, and will also generate a 3D effect. Made from perforated metal, picture perforation can also act as a sunscreen and provides ventilation, as well as being long-lasting and easy to relocate.

Picture perforation is a unique technology allowing detailed images to be created in metal,for a variety of applications. Picture perforation creates an image using hundreds or even thousands of holes, punched out of metal.


  1. Exceptional clarity is achievable in any size
  2. Picture perforation can be an abstract artwork, logo or brand, a photograph and even a collage of images.
  3. Picture perforation creates a statement without needing to use words, however thy can be incorporated if required.
  4. Create an image that’s effective and strong.


Function for picture perforation aluminum panel:


  1. Picture perforation is custom designed for each application, therefore it is tailored to your requirements.
  2. Picture perforation can be detailed or abstract.
  3. Picture perforation can be used in internal or exterior application.
  4. The image can be left untreated, anodized or powder coated, depending on application requirement.
  5. Picture perforation images are scalable.







  • Picture perforation can be used in a variety of applications: Car park screen
  • /Balustrades/Sunscreen/wall cladding/Signage/Partition or artwork/decoration
  • Provides shade protection from the sun, reducing energy consumption
  • Allows ventilation and airlow
  • Provides security, allowing vision from inside to out
  • Better wind resistance than traditional solid signage
  • Fixing holes can be incorporated into the design.



  1. Car park screen
  2. Balustrades
  3. Sunscreen
  4. wall cladding
  5. Signage
  6. Partition or artwork
  7. Interior or exterior decoration


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